The Sierra Nevada Before History

Ancient Landscapes, Early Peoples

The early story of the Sierra Nevada is unlike any other. This engaging book describes the wondrous geology, natural history, and early anthropology of California's best-known range, where unique plants and animals have evolved and humans have lived for thousands of years. (210 pages)


Published by Mountain Press Publishing in 2010

ISBN 978-0-87842-567-9


"Louise Jackson has done her research well and covers lots of ground--the absolutely glorious ground of California's Sierra Nevada. Each chapter opens with a reminder that people have been in these mountains for a very long time. The Native Americans are still here and so are the mountains. You will be introduced to both through Louise's wonderful new book." Thomas L. Burge, Archaeologist, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


"A superbly written, well-illustrated account of California's Sierra Nevada before the historical era. Starting far back in time, it proceeds from geological development of the ancestral and the modern Sierra to its climatic variations, vegetation, animal life, and ultimately to the prehistoric people that came to inhabit the region. that background sets the stage for and blends with the book's main focus--the distinctive groups of native peoples that populated the southern and central Sierra region before arrival of the first white men. A captivating account of this unique mountain range and its human population before written history" Clifford A. Hopson, Professor of Geology Emeritus, Department of Earth Science, University of California Santa Barbara.


"The Sierra Nevada Before History: Ancient Landscapes, Early Peoples is a solid study and presentation of California's Sierra Nevada prior to written historical records. Chapters cover the land's geology, climate, vegetation, animals, and human settlement, with specific focus on the Tubatulabal, the Yokuts, the Western Monache, the Sierra Miwok, the Yosemite, and the Paiute. Black-and-white photographs on almost every other page illustrate this enthralling, reader-friendly tour of a rugged and wild land's prehistory." Midwest Book Review

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