Mineral King

The Story of Beulah

This is a complete history of the Mineral King Valley in California's Sequoia National Park, from its discovery in 1863 until its inclusion in the Park in 1978. Mineral King: The Story of Beulah covers a wide spectrum of topics that hold relevance today: mining; sheep and cattle raising; nationally-significant court battles; recreation; and conservation movements. It presents a unique picture of the development of an important segment of our western mountain region and its history. (232 pages)


Published by the Sequoia Natural History Association in 2006

ISBN 1-878441-20-05


"Mineral King's story is the story of man's dreams. It is the tale of Beulah, the biblical land of beauty, and land of perpetual hope." Sequoia Natural History Association


"At long last there is now a good book available on the history and lore of Mineral King which does not stop with the Silver Rush but carries on through the Walt Disney period. The book is by Louise Jackson, a descendant of John W. Crowley who built the road in 1879..." The Exeter Sun, May 11, 1988.


"A lively account of the Mineral King area [...] engaging when discussing the lives and ambitions of the early prospectors." Mike on GoodReads


"Great stories about a beautiful and interesting place. Such a rich history here. Jackson is a great guide through the early mining years through to present day." Josh on GoodReads

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